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Who Are These Russians And Why Do We Hate Them?

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About The Film

The escalating downturn of US relations with Russia has made the world a more dangerous place than at any time during the Cold War, including during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

This film explores the many reasons why the US foreign policy establishment hates all things Russian. With the exception of John Kennedy who sought to end nuclear weapons and seek peace with Russia, every president since has used Russia as a threat to American Democracy, interests and security.

Arguably, Ronald Reagan did more than anyone to create the fear, distrust, and hatred of Russia when he publicly painted Russia as the Red Menace, an Evil Empire, the focus of evil in the world, and a nation without morals.

Is Putin a thug and an assassin? Or he is a great, patriotic leader of a country that was nearly destroyed by President George Herbert Walker Bush’s CIA good old boys, Bill Clinton and the CIA asset Boris Yeltsin?

Perhaps the main reason why the US hates Russia, and President Putin, is because Russia has regained its superpower status and because of the threats and sanctions, Russia has established close economic, diplomatic, political and military relations with China and the BRICS nations. And this is the biggest threat to American hegemony and her capitalist interests around the world.

Nearly thirty years have passed since the fall of the Soviet Union and still, America and the West refuse to believe that Communism is dead and that Russia now embraces a market economy and most of the political and social values of the West. Thanks to Putin, Russia has risen from the collapse of the Soviet Union and once again has become a major player on the world stage.

This film is meant to provoke reflection and discussion among those who can see beyond the daily media manipulation of reality that is called news.


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