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Thomas Beavitt The Global Village Bard

Thomas Alexander Beavitt was born on the 19th of April, 1968 in Sydney, Australia

A chance encounter led to the Beavitts moving to the ad-hoc “alternative community” of Scoraig in the Scottish Highlands in 1974. Here, Thomas had an unconventional upbringing, attending the small primary school until 1980, at which time he was enrolled in Ullapool High School. 

For two years after leaving school, Thomas worked on a fishing boat. At the same time, he was developing his lifelong interest in poetry and music – writing songs, as well as singing and playing guitar at local venues.

Thomas lived and worked in Australia for approximately 18 months, working as an agricultural labourer, builder and fisherman – as well as performing his music – in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

After returning to Scotland in April 1991, Thomas pursued a musical career, recording his songs and founding the Edinburgh band The Night Kitchen. Simultaneously, he held down a number of day jobs, mainly in construction, but also pursuing other work and business ventures. As well as performing regularly in and around Edinburgh and the Highlands of Scotland, he also toured twice with The Night Kitchen in the Netherlands.

Thomas’ first visit to Russia occurred in 2008 when he performed at the Urozhai (Harvest) Festival coinciding with the Moscow Day celebrations. From this point onwards, Thomas would visit Russia more than once a year to perform and immerse himself in Russian language and culture. 

Since January 2015, Thomas has been living in Ekaterinburg. He is employed as a researcher at the Kafedra of Foreign Languages at the Instutite of Philosophy and Law, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, where he provides linguistic support to colleagues, at the same time as pursuing research, musical and poetic projects with collaborators in Ekaterinburg and elsewhere.

 As well as in academic and artistic circles, he is active on social media, taking a strong interest in philosophy, linguistics and international relations (especially between Russia and the countries of the west).

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