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Thirty Seconds to Midnight in Final Stages of Post Production

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Finished the timeline of Thirty Seconds to Midnight today, including the second draft of the voice over. All that remains is final tightening up of everything, balancing the audio and color, and recording the final voice over. Expect to be finished by Christmas….of this year!!!!

The embedded video is not the trailer, but the original draft opening which has changed slightly. I will work on the trailer when the film is finished. The plan for distribution is the same as for The Ghosts of Jeju. I will begin touring the country, screening it for local groups and universities and creating community dialogue about the imminent threats to life on the planet.

Since last week’s election, the entire country is upset and many are taking to the streets. Unfortunately, this is just another distraction taking our attention away from the only real threats to life on the planet: a nuclear Armageddon, the effects of nuclear power, and climate change. Nothing else really matters if these threats are not faced head-on. People should be rising up against the evil government that is leading the way on this suicidal trajectory. It looks like the destiny of this exceptional nation is to take humanity to the very brink of extinction.


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