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The Project For The New American Century – And The New World Order

Several years ago while I was researching Thirty Seconds To Midnight, my 2017 documentary, I came across a very troubling website that outlined a detailed plan for The New American Century.  The Project For The New American Century was a Washington D.C. Think Tank report in 1997.

It’s vision and goal included the following:

  • Shape an American Century favorable to American principles and interests
  • Challenge regimes hostile to American interests and values and target them for “regime change”

Korea , Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan

  • Assert military authority around the globe
  • Increase military spending and capacity

Because hardly anyone will take the time to read the 97 page report, I will summarize it here and let you draw your own conclusions.

On September 2000, one year before 9/11/2001 PNAC issued a report that became the blueprint that has become U.S. Foreign Policy beginning with George W. Bush and continuing through the Obama administration, and it continues today in the Trump administration.

The Three Main Objectives

  1. Wage simultaneous wars
  2. Form a global “constabulary” i.e. world police force
  3. Control Space and Cyberspace

But, in order to realize this plan the architects would need  a “new Pearl Harbor event,” which they realized on 9/11/2001.

Included in the plan were Four Core Missions For the U.S. Military Forces

    1. Defend the American Homeland
    2. Fight and decisively win simultaneous major theater wars
    3. Perform “constabulary” duties in critical regions
    4. Transform U.S. Forces to exploit the “revolution in military affairs”
    5. Maintain nuclear superiority
    6. Increase active duty forces from 1.4 million to 1.6 million
    7. Increase presence in the Asia Pacific and Southeastern Europe, i.e. the Pivot To Asia and the expanse of military forces to the borders of Russia
    8. Develop and deploy a Global Missile Defense System
    9. Control the “New International Commons” of Space and Cyberspace
    10. Pave the way for a new military service, the U.S. Space Force with the mission to control and dominate space
    11. Increase military spending “gradually” adding $15 Billion to $20 Billion annually

Here’s what that looks like from 2016*

2016 Total Military Spending $814.10 Billion

2017 Total Military Spending $824.00 Billion

2018 Total Military Spending $886.80 Billion

2019 Total Military Spending $916.50 Billion  

*Includes military, veterans, and foreign aid

Compared to the Top 3 Countries For Military Expenditures in 2016

  1. United States $611.0        Billion       36.0%
  2. China               $215.0       Billion       13.0%
  3. Russia             $ 69.2        Billion          4.1%
  4. NATO             $217.0        Billion       20.0%

U.S. plus NATO military expenditures equal 56% of total global expenditures.


  1. This is “The New World Order,” but not controlled by Washington, but by a small cabal of old European families and their banking/financial empire
  2. The United States is the military, extraction arm of this cabal…and for now, the world’s largest piggy bank
  3. It is and has been about controlling resources, power, and the projection of power

If you have been following this, you can deduce the following:

  • Who was behind 9/11
  • Trump like Obama and the Bushes before him are doing the bidding of these global elite, i.e. “The Deep State”. Hillary would be doing the same.
  • Trump has dramatically increased military spending this year, announced the formation of the new branch of the military, The U.S. Space Force and instead of reducing and avoiding simultaneous wars and regime change, as he promised, is continuing and increasing them.
  • Congress is a sideshow and completely dysfunctional and their single digit approval ratings prove that the American people know it
  • Elections don’t matter and will not change anything…they never have.

Finally, here’s how China and Russia are calculated into this plan:


The Pivot to Asia, the tariffs, and annual war games in the Asia Pacific are all designed to threaten and to check China’s expansion which is the primary economic threat to fulfillment of this plan for a New World Order. China simply cannot be allowed to dictate the terms of a new world order.


Since the year 2000 when Vladimir Putin became President of the Russian Federation, Russia represents both a challenge and a serious threat to this plan for a New World Order.

The Challenge – To fulfill the plan of GHW Bush to rape and plunder the vast resources and assets of the then Soviet Union and to gain total control of these resources. Recall that Vladimir Putin became President in 2000 (one year before 9/11/2001) and effectively put an end to the privatization and stealing of Russia’s resources.

The Threat – Under the leadership of Vladimir Putin since 2000, Russia has risen from the ashes of the fall of the Soviet Union, become a functioning and stable economy, and regained its position as the only nuclear-armed state challenging this New World Order and the primary “hostile regime” blamed for everything.

This is why Vladimir Putin has been and continues to be so demonized by the US-Anglo-European establishment.

Because of America’s hostility towards China and Russia, these two countries have formed economic, political and military alliances which are the sole remaining obstacles to the Project For The New American Century, or the New World Order.

Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela and the BRICS nations are fully aware and cognizant of this plan and the plans for their demise and or submission.

So, here we are, arguing and fighting over immigration, religion, sexual orientation, left vs right, Dems vs Repubs, Trump, Russophobia, gun control, blah, blah, blah when humanity is being reduced to slavery and serfdom under the control of The New World Order.

The only thing that can disrupt and destroy this evil and insidious plan is for the Yellow Vest uprisings in France, Belgium, and The Netherlands to spread to the entire globe. It isn’t about gas taxes, it’s about austerity, impoverishment, slavery and the great disparity of wealth.

Because the greedy, power hungry psychopaths who are behind this plan to extract and control all of the world’s resources are blinded by their quest for world domination, they and their capitalist system are also responsible for the catastrophic failure of the planet that has all life on the brink of extinction.

Really easy to understand once all of the distractions, secondary issues, and fake news are removed.


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