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Second Crosscountry Tour With Thirty Seconds to Midnight

Heading out tomorrow, May 19th for my second tour with Thirty Seconds to Midnight. Here’s the agenda: Austin, Dallas, Houston, El Paso, Topanga, Long Beach, Culver City, Phoenix, Tucson, San Jose, Ashland OR, Seattle. Returning home at the end of June.

Thanks to those of you who have ordered a copy. This is the most effective tool one can use to educate friends, family, and strangers. It can be screened anywhere without royalties or screening fees. Sharing this important film with as many people as you can is the only way it can reach thousands more people. Because people like you purchased a copy of The Ghosts of Jeju and shared it widely, it has been translated into seven languages and is still going around the world. I hope the same thing happens with Thirty Seconds to Midnight.

There is a heightened awareness of nuclear issues with a UN committee calling for the abolishment of nuclear weapons. The recent incident at Hanford nuclear waste depository in Washington State is just the most recent example that nuclear power is not safe. Let us not forget that Fukushima continues to pollute the Pacific and the atmosphere. On top of this, US provocations of Russia, China and N. Korea have many fearful of a nuclear holocaust. Worries that President Trump is unpredictable and with congressional people and the media beating the drums for war, millions of Americans are now talking about the nuclear issue. For these reasons, Thirty Seconds to Midnight can add significantly to the conversation.

One thing jumped out on my first tour last month. Several people said this film has to be included in high school and college curricula, e.g. History, Social Studies, Government, and Political Science classes. Because the film is 92 minutes long and too long for a typical class period, I am working on creating six chapters that would permit screening the film during normal class times and over a period of days. Teachers could show a chapter, engage in discussion and comments, and then assign a one page writing assignment. Only people like you can help get this out there because I do not have the time or the money to pay someone to do this. So, if you know people in education, share a copy of the film and encourage them to include it in their lesson plans for next year. They can also contact me for information on how to get a copy of a version with chapters. And remember, the only cost is the copy of the film. No royalties, no fees.

I want to thank many of you for supporting me in my work and ask you to continue to get the word out so that our grassroots “distribution system” is able to make this important film go viral.

Finally, if you prefer not to order with a credit card online, as many have told me, it is now possible to place an order and indicate that a check is in the mail. Make checks payable to Regis Tremblay and mail to Regis Tremblay, 14 Maine St, #210, Brunswick, ME 04011.

Thanks again for continued support.



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