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Russian Visa Approved

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Everything now is a go for our October 1st departure to Moscow. My wife Paula is coming with me and funding her own way.

The visa application process is somewhat confusing with conflicting information and I have to admit, it stressed me out! But thankfully, they arrived and now I can focus on reviewing my checklist and begin laying out my equipment.

I now have six Russian English-speaking friends who are offering assistance with logistics, meetings and interviews students, teachers, union workers, journalists, veterans, and regular Russians.

We’ll fly from JFK to Moscow arriving on October 2nd. After a one day layover to catch up, it’s a flight to Simferopol in Crimea for five days. Then fly to St. Petersburg for four days before taking the high speed train to Moscow for the last ten days. Unlike my other trips where I have been so focused on filming, this trip will take in the culture and fabric of Russia, thanks to my wife Paula who is paying her own way for this trip of a lifetime. We plan on experiencing as much of Russian people, culture, history and food as we can. We’ll avoid hotels and stay in apartments and spend most of our time with Russian people.

The purpose of the trip is 1) to learn and see first hand what Russia and Russian people are like, 2) dispel the constant demonization by the western media of Russia and President Putin, 3) come as citizen peace envoys during this time when the future of humanity hangs on the brink of extinction, and 4) to film interviews and get B-roll for my current film, Thirty Seconds to Midnight – The Last Wake Up Call. The film is very close to being completed with the exception of what I bring back from Russia. Click on the image to see a draft of the opening of the film.

Paul Michaud Final Wakeup Call

I will report back often along the way with a video or pictorial blog and commentary. When I return, I will produce a short documentary on the trip and what I have learned, and finish the feature-length documentary early in 2017.

Thanks again to all who contributed, and for anyone intending but not yet contributing, please help by sending a check directly to me at 209 River Rd., Woolwich, ME 04579, or made a tax deductible donation to the Global Network and indicate it is intended for Regis Tremblay.




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