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Pat Scanlon Medley of Songs

Pat Scanlon is a member of the Smedley D. Butler chapter of Veterans for Peace in Boston, MA. On March 17, 2016, St. Patrick’s Day and Pat’s birthday, a special event was held by Midnight Voices featuring a medley of Pat’s songs. He is a gifted songwriter and banjo player whose songs are poignant, personal and will have audiences joining in the singing. Pat is accompanied by a long-time friend and former musical partner, Holly Gettings. This was Pat’s first public appearance in many years. The audio is fine even though the lighting was something out of our control and less than flattering.

Pat is a life-time member of Veterans for Peace and an incredible organizer of peace events, protests and vigils in the Boston area. He is also a pioneer in recycling in the entire country.

These songs are all copyrighted and used with Pat’s express permission here.

Several DVDs and a vinyl are available at


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