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  • Kyle Kajihiro Interview on History of U.S. Militarism in Hawaii

    Kyle Kajihiro is a scholar and activist living in Honolulu. He was my guide for a day during my stay and...

    11:57 - Three Minutes to MidnightRegis TremblayJanuary 21, 2016
  • Liberate Hawaii

    Jon Olsen is a friend and the author of an important book entitled Liberate Hawaii that details the illegal take-over of...

    11:57 - Three Minutes to MidnightRegis TremblayJanuary 16, 2016
  • 11:57 – Three Minutes to Midnight Underway

    Today I created the project file, imported thousands of clips, photos, graphics, and archival film and photos. I hope I finish...

    11:57 - Three Minutes to MidnightRegis TremblayJanuary 7, 2016
  • Okinawa: They Came With Bayonets and Bulldozers

      When I visited Okinawa in August of 2015, not only did I witness a decades-long struggle against American military bases,...

    JapanRegis TremblayDecember 26, 2015
  • Rev. Peter Hinde, O. Carm. Warriors for Peace Profile

    This is the sixth in my series, Warriors for Peace: Veterans Speak. It is an amazing story about a man who...

    Peter HindeRegis TremblayDecember 10, 2015
  • Bruce Gagnon Warriors for Peace Profile

    Bruce Gagnon is a friend and one of the important voices for peace and justice in the entire world. This is...

    ClimateRegis TremblayOctober 17, 2015
  • Maine Peace Walk #2

    The second short video of the Maine Peace Walk.

    ClimateRegis TremblayOctober 15, 2015
  • Maine Peace Walk – Ellsworth to Portsmouth, NH

    The first of two short videos documenting two days of the Maine Peace Walk. The walk, organized by Bruce Gagnon, has the...

    ClimateRegis TremblayOctober 15, 2015
  • Peggy Tuxen-Akers – Warriors for Peace Profile

    Peggy Tuxen-Akers is a former Viet Nam nurse and member of the Maine Chapter of Veterans for Peace. This is her...

    My FilmsRegis TremblaySeptember 21, 2015
  • People’s Climate March in NYC

    Peter Woodruff and I went down to NYC on Sunday, September 21st for the People’s Climate March. This is a 52:33...

    My FilmsRegis TremblaySeptember 18, 2015
  • Marshall Islands Nuclear Tests and Fallout

    America tested 67 hydrogen bombs in the Marshall Islands between 1946 and 1958 without properly caring for the people and further...

    My FilmsRegis TremblaySeptember 18, 2015
  • Ghosts of Jeju

    In September 2012, I spent a month in Korea and three weeks in tiny Gangjeong Village. Little did I realize what...

    My FilmsRegis TremblaySeptember 18, 2015

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