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Nuclear Armageddon – Wake-up Call 2020

A recent article in the Washington Post by Katrina vanden Heuvel, Our Nation Needs a Wake-up Call To The Nuclear Threat, stressed the sense of urgency felt in the past is not felt today, when the possibility of a nuclear holocaust is more serious than ever.

In the article,  former defense secretary, William J. Perry, and leading nuclear policymaker Tom Collina, in their new book entitled, “The Button: The New Nuclear Arms Race and Presidential Power from Truman to Trump, say this “is the alarm our nation needs — especially now.”

All ok up to this point, but she then goes on to quote their 10 solutions to the nuclear crisis. It was the final solution that I take exception to:

“Elect a committed president. Trump’s record is one of armament. Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, on the other hand, has a long track record of leading on nuclear disarmament. (my emphasis) As senator, he spoke out against Bush’s attempts to establish a national missile defense system. During the Obama administration, he played an important part in realizing the Iran nuclear deal and the New START. Now he has pledged to pursue a renewed commitment to arms control and to reduce the role of nuclear weapons.”

I was all in reading Vanden Heuvel’s article until the part where Perry and Colina recommend electing Joe Biden in November, presenting him as a champion of nuclear disarmament. Baloney! He worked hand-in-hand with Obama who first proposed investing a trillion dollars in the American nuclear arsenal. He was on board with Obama who proclaimed, without shame and a straight face at the UN, “America is THE INDISPENSABLE NATION…and I will defend America and our allies….even unilaterally and with force if necessary…if our core interests are threatened.”
The fact is, Obama and Biden bombed seven countries and orchestrated the coup in Kiev (it’s all public and on Youtube – Victoria Nuland, McCain, Biden) that led to the destruction of Ukraine and the conflict in the Donbass. Biden committed treason, broke international law and defiled the US Constitution…that too is all on Youtube. And let us not forget Hillary Clinton, cackling on national television, “we came, we saw, he died, ha ha ha” in reference to Gaddafi and Libya. She was Obama’s Secretary of State. Obama, Biden, Clinton, one team, one foreign of endless wars, murder, indiscriminate drone bombing, and armament on steroids.
The Democratic Party has become the war party, voting for every military budget increase since W. They are the party that cooked up Russiagate and continue to blame Russia at every turn. They are the party that twice ousted Bernie, and also Tulsi. They are the party that gave us Pelosi and Schumer. They are the party that gave us Schiff and the embarrassing, unfounded impeachment of Trump. (Trump should have been impeached for many other things, but not over a phone call, and the since disproven “collusion” with Russia)
I’ve been screaming about this sense of urgency since 2016 when I returned from my first trip to Russia and completed my film, Thirty Seconds to MidnightThe film is NOT political. It does not promote any individual, political party, or ideology. It is a historical documentary that has been seen over 40,000 times on Youtube, it was also screened twice at the Veterans For Peace national convention in Madison, Wisconsin.
Many of your supported this film financially. If you have seen it, I would urge you to watch it again, and I would urge you to share this film with everyone.
The film IS a somber wake-up call…in fact, I called the film, Thirty Seconds to Midnight – The Final Wake-up Call. It features Dr. Helen Caldicott, David Vine, Chris Hedges, Ray McGovern, Bruce Gagnon, Ann Wright, Peter Kuznick, Giff Johnson, Bill McKibben, David Hartsough, Sherri Mitchell (Penobscot Indian lawyer), and many regular people I interviewed from Hawaii, Hiroshima, Okinawa, The Marshall Islands, Jeju Island, and Russia.
This film has proven to do more to “wake up Americans,” than any book, article or pronouncement by anyone. In addition to the 40,000 views on Youtube, a thousand DVD copies have circulated the globe. I must also remind you that I have never made one penny on this or an any of my 200 plus videos on Youtube. There is NO financial incentive on my part and I have taken great pains to make that clear. All of the financial assistance went into several trips from Maine to Hawaii, Hiroshima, Okinawa, Jeju Island – two times, the Marshall Islands, Ukraine, Russia – four times, and to production costs.
As some of you know, I am living in Yalta, Crimea of the Russian Federation. This is my fifth trip to Russia. I came here in 2016 to find out for myself what Russia and Russians are like. My purpose in making more than several dozen films and interviews is to provide a boots-on-the-ground, counter narrative to the US propaganda and lies about all things Russian.
This 24/7, non-stop propaganda, plus the direct threats, economic (sanctions, trade tariffs, etc.) and military, including the withdrawal from all nuclear treaties, are what have humanity closer to extinction than ever before. Everything else is secondary and a distraction, e.g., Black Lives Matter, Covid-19, the Wall, historical revisionism and the removal of statues and monuments.

More in 11:57 - Three Minutes to Midnight

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