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NO AMNESTY FOR BIOGLADIO: Forgiving evil is irresponsible & dangerous


Forgiving evil is irresponsible & dangerous

The Atlantic’s 892-word plea for covid forgiveness called “Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty,” shows that the establishment really isn’t ready for truth and reconciliation. Instead, it appears more likely someone attached to the HHS-funded Covid Public Information Campaign wanted to see if the public is ready to move on to the next thing (Ukraine). They were ‘testing the waters.’

They got their answer in one of the most brutal ratios ever seen on Twitter, and I wouldn’t be surprised if #NoAmnesty trends on and off for awhile.

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I have no doubt that editors at The Atlantic take calls from White House because lawsuits are now producing discovery and releasing documents that show Biden advisors personally targeted specific social media accounts of researchers and reporters and demanded they be deplatformed. Tech companies made special portals to give White House covid advisors their own administrative access. This is flagrant government censorship.

So it’s remarkable while this is happening that these same players are now expecting forgiveness, and so far have failed to even mention the material damages they’ve left in their wake. In the 892-words spilled by Emily Oster at The Atlantic there wasn’t one mention of myocarditis, Guillan-Barre, elders dying alone, and our latest horror: “excess deaths.” Oster fails to examine how things went wrong and petitions for forgiveness without any self-reflection. There’s no overture to earning our trust back. Instead she announced that she was forgiving herself and letting us know that she’d be moving on.

Here’s a few reasons why “forgiveness” is exactly the wrong approach

Oster petulantly asserts that those who got it right “got lucky.” “Who could’ve known the ‘right’ answers” she asks disingenuously. Certainly not anyone blindly following the narrative.

Here’s the secret sauce: Those who got it right were following the science and rejecting evil occurring all around them. It doesn’t take a PhD to see that hospitals were financially incentivized to put as many people as possible on ventilators and Remdesivir (which is known to cause kidney failure). You don’t need to be epidemiologist to recognize that those ventilators and Remdesivir actually killed people. You just needed to be paying attention.

We ought not forgive US government for paying hospitals to kill people.

Meanwhile, clinicians who weren’t so brainwashed simply treated carried on inflammation and blood clots; making sure their patients survived. That is, until the courts stepped in, and their hospitals fired them.

We ought not forgive our Judicial System for ruling that people must die so that Pfizer may sell more product.

Murdering people in the name of “science” was not just socially and financially rewarded, and it was enforced with judicial sanction for those who refused to kill their patients. Doctors who had been saving lives were ordered by courts to STOP and watch their patients die. This is a horror that’s nearly unimaginable, but here it is, as mundane as an office memo.

It would be impossible to believe if I had not seen it myself in real time. The best doctors who cared enough to save lives, lost their careers and livelihood and made to watch at their patients clotted-up and died.

To forgive and forget the atrocities of the official pandemic response would be utterly irresponsible because it would ensure that all this will happen again—probably sooner rather than later.

We ought not forgive the Biden Administration for instituting an official policy of censorship.

It goes all the way to the top. The White House itself instructed tech companies like Facebook and Twitter to censor specific doctors, researchers, and influencers. The goal was to rid social media of any information that ran counter to The Narrative. Let that sink in. The highest level of the Federal Government targeted specific people like Alex Berenson, Martin Kulldorff and Dr. Robert Malone. This created a chilling effect so that even the most critical reporters chose to ‘bend a knee.’ When reporters who market themselves as critical thinkers approached The Narrative they wrote in the ‘meta’ voice; choosing to make articles about writing articles instead of about people dying and what could be done about it.

Mainstream wannabes are still repeating Anthony Fauci’s lies; but I’m most disappointed in left-niche reporters who ostracized their colleagues who were actually getting it right. I could name names, but the list would be long and pointless. They’re all dead to me now.

We ought not forgive those scribes who chose piety over reason.

Reporters and commentators like Max Blumenthal and Jimmy Dore didn’t “get lucky.” Dore was actually injured (much in the same way I was; minus the mini-stroke). He did the work (like I did) to understand the science, because he HAD to. For this, he endured outright attacks from colleagues while many others sat silently on the sidelines. Those who were vocal supporters of Dore and Blumenthal—and science— deserve major props. Alex Rubenstein and Mila Ghorayeb were on this earlier than most, as were Cory Morningstar, CJ Hopkins and Charles Eisenstein, Denis Rancourt, Mark Crispin Miller, and others.

We especially ought not forgive left institutions that demanded piety to their crackpot pandemic messaging.

The left, for the most part, ran to the defense of all-powerful pharmaceutical companies because party elites told them to. Line items on HHS “Covid-19 Community Corps” presentations released by Freedom Of Information Act show explicit partnerships with every sort of organization from non-profits to talent agencies—but left institutions were especially active. The Democratic Party and their functionary organs like DSA; labor unions; family foundation-funded ‘progressive’ organizations; and nearly all alternative ‘left media,’ enthusiastically echoed the murderous propaganda.

It appears that small left media influencers followed suit, seeking to impress bigger influencers. Some created the hilariously cringe “AntivaxHunters” account for the purpose of swarming and deplatforming those like myself who sought answers for our own suffering (or that of family members). There was a real story just laid out in front of them and instead off reporting on it they chose to attack those who looked past The Narrative and followed the science—behaving as official Thought Police. It’s the exact opposite of what reporters are supposed to do.

I certainly wouldn’t have said this prior to 2020—when “Not Me, Us” Bernie 2.0 was in full swing—but the left is full of cowards who will stand by idly, and even join in when colleagues are attacked. That tells me that much of what you see online is authored by institutional leftists (as opposed to actual, individual leftists). Their eyes are fixed on what elites want and how they can amass clout. The question that’s not addressed is what’s good for The People.

And yet there seemed to be something “extra” at work here because this wasn’t just the result of pandering to power. There was glee. On the supposed “real lefty institutional left” there was a palpable delight in being as nasty as possible.

Let’s call this by its name: EVIL

As a modern, secular person, I’m queasy about using the word ‘evil.’ So I want to be perfectly clear: this evil isn’t mystical or transcendent. It’s an empirical phenomena that we’re able to describe and catalog.

The first evil is Instrumental (the lending of one’s intentions to a larger project). Those who demanded a segment of the population be denied healthcare and jobs according to whether they took an experimental gene therapy had given themselves over to Instrumental Evil.

I was the target of this and let me tell you, those doing it were high on their imagined righteousness and license to dehumanize whoever they saw fit. They had the power to get away with doing real harm to real people, and it was intoxicating.

German Nazis are the go-to example of Instrumental Evil—so much so that it’s cliché to even bring them up. But the similarities are undeniable.

I bet you heard the same excuses back then:

“Everyone thought it was the right thing to do.”

“We were just following directions.”

“No one knew what was really happening.”

“It was the fog of war.”

It’s precisely because of this sort instrumentalized evil that we have The Nuremberg Code which enumerates 10 principles of ethical medical experimentation so as not to commit these sorts of atrocities again; and guess what…we committed these sorts of atrocities again. Our pandemic response threw the Nuremberg Code out the window while saying “only right wing fascists care about Nuremberg,” which is an odd card to play, indeed.

Here’s the first few lines of the Nuremberg CodeThe voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion…The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs, or engages in the experiment.” This would include pharmacists, doctors, researchers and especially NIH Director Anthony Fauci. It also applies to political operatives who used the pandemic response to sort the “good people” from the “bad.” It extends especially to marketing drones who made TikTok videos to encourage children to get the vaccine without their parents’ knowledge.

Which brings me to the second sort of empirical evil we experienced during the pandemic: Systemic Evil, specifically the establishment of a medical fascist state that operates with a kind of “BioGladio” logic (h/t @faust_flag).

Gladio was a NATO stratagem in post-war Europe (especially Italy), where they armed ‘fusion cells’ of business leaders and other fascists to carry out a “strategy of tension” by terrorizing small towns in rural Italy; bombing grocery stores and blaming the left wing for the horror. NATO wanted to convince Italians that the Soviet Union was invading. The Strategy of Tension worked because it made the people believe that a threat lurked amongst them, which led to masses accepting measures they otherwise would reject.

BioGladio operates on the same logic, as our bioweapon industrial complex ensures there will always be another pandemic. We have enough smallpox, anthrax, tulameria, and bird flu to keep the world sick for the rest of time.

The BioGladio establishment has been running tabletop wargame scenarios on this for decades. It’s not a secret. You can easily find the videos and reports online. Judge for yourself, but I found that they always focus on taking authoritarian control and creating profit for corporations instead of providing a humane response to suffering.

The Italian Gladio operation created a crisis to blame on the left while supporting the global anti-communist project. BioGladio also identifies an outgroup while supporting a larger conflict that benefits the security state.

BioGladio makes use of Intrinsic Evil (that which doesn’t need to be explained)

If you were to ask a child, “do you think it’s okay make everyone sick and die,” they’d say “no, that’s evil.” It’s so obvious it’s unremarkable.

This entire pandemic enterprise, with the unimaginable death and equally unimaginable profits, the was the creation of US bioweapons programs and some are starting to ask if the release of this gain of function virus wasn’t an accident.

Making those biological weapons is an intrinsic evilUsing those biological weapons is…the apotheosis of evil.

The creation and release of biological weapons intended to kill and maim large numbers of people must not be allowed to happen ever again. We just lived through a sample run of their playbook. We’ve had treaties prohibiting these programs as recently as 2014. It’s not a new idea that we ought to keep this stuff under wraps.

So far I’ve listed empirical evils: Systemic, Instrumental and Intrinsic. But I think there’s still another evil that actually is transcendent and metaphysical…

We made an egregore

An egregore is a useful concept. It’s when the collective unconscious forms ‘a larger complex system that has its own emergent qualities and which intends to mobilize human energies to meet its own requirements.’ The pandemic response gave birth to a kind of sociological egregore that we’re barely able to name, let alone rid ourselves of because it lives in the hearts of each and every one of us.

The pious left-liberals who committed their energy to this particular demon, thinking it was the “only right thing to do,” are to blame for the lion’s share of suffering we’ve seen. It’s obnoxious that they should announce their self-forgiveness, as if we’re all just gonna move one. Sure, they were duped, but they aren’t innocent. They played the fool and gave themselves over to a monster that used them for its own ends. They enjoyed the feeling of power that came with being instruments of The System (that’s how systemic evil rolls).

The egregore is useful to us now because it gives shape to the murky collection of feelings we’ve all been having. Finally those feelings coalesced into something recognizable. And so it behooves us to withhold amnesty until we get this egregore off our back.

And wouldn’t you know it, there is no time to waste as the monster is already moving on to World War 3 in Ukraine.

This is why I say ‘no amnesty.’ What we need now is for people to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions; to be accountable in the future; and to commit to a humane ethic and a set of principles that ensures this never happens again.

That’s a lot of work to do but it’s not impossible. Naming the monster is always the first step. Then we put one thought in front of the next, followed by one foot in front of the other until a critical mass gets the message and disengages with the evils they’ve become comfortable with.

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