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Meet Tatyana Kotlyarova

Tatyana is a 19 year old university student fromTaganrog, Russia which is about 18 miles from Donbass. Donbass has been under attack by the Ukrainian military.

She was one of the English-speaking volunteers who assisted some 200 foreign guests invited to participate in the March of the Immortal Regiment on May 9th.

Tatyana is one of several young Russians I interviewed while in Russia from May 7th-May 21st of this year. Listen to what she has to say about America, Russian desire to be friends with America, and their hope for peace and not war. She also speaks about President Putin.

I am quite confident that if more Americans could visit Russia, we would discover that they are just like us. They do not want war. They want to be friends with us, and nearly all said they would love to visit America. Citizen diplomacy is much more effective than that practiced by our government.


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