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Kudos For Thirty Seconds To Midnight

Amazing, absolutely amazing. This film has been seen 7,955 times as of this morning, February 21, 2107.  Just over night it went up over 1900 times. It is being seen all over the world.

The original version was 1:48 in length. After reading Oliver Stone’s critique, and listening to the wise advice of several activist friends, media professionals, and experts, the Director’s Cut version is 1:32. It is hard to cut things, especially interviews with people who had an immense influence on me. The entire budget for this film was approximately $16,000. This was for two trips to the Asia Pacific; Odessa, Ukraine; Russia; and trips here in the States to record interviews. As an independent filmmaker, living on Social Security and a fixed income, I make no money personally for any of my work. Every penny has been used for travel related expenses and production costs. I would also like to emphasize that there are never any royalties or fees required to screen the film. Only in this way have The Ghosts of Jeju and Thirty Seconds To Midnight had such wide-spread global exposure.

Plans are already being made for several tours beginning in March. The Premiere will be here in Brunswick, Maine on March 10, followed up with a screening in Boston on March 20. In April it will be screened at the 25th Annual Space Organizing Conference on April 7th in Huntsville, Alabama. After the conference, I’ll fly directly to San Francisco for three screenings before flying to Fresno for one or two. Then it’s up to Portland, Olympia, and several in the Seattle area before returning home.

In May, I’ll do a tour of Dallas, Austin, El Paso, Tucson, and Phoenix. The summer will see tours to the Midwest (Chicago, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minneapolis), Florida and around the East Coast. Then in September, Dublin, UK, Paris, Sweden and possibly a return to Russia. I’m able to take these trips because many people who see it get a copy for a donation….whatever they can afford. The screenings are always free and open to the public.

My deep gratitude to all who contributed. Without you, this would not be possible. My hope is that the pen (in this case, my film) is more powerful than the sword.

Below is a sample of the comments that I have received. Some comments took issue with some parts of the film. For example, climate deniers, pro-nuclear power folks, one or two with my favorable characterization of  President Putin and Russia. But, not one negative comment about the overall message and purpose of the film.

Comments on Film

I gulped your documentary all at once as soon as I received it and was again deeply impressed.

You concentrated the wisdom and passion and determination of many people all over the world and welded them into your eloquent masterpiece.

Congratulations and appreciation!

Volodya , St. Petersburg, Russia

Dear Regis, you have done a great important job

We all are happy and appreciate your efforts
Thank you very much
Yuriy and Manita, Crimea

YAY! so hugely worth all your wonderful work!


I finally watched most of your film and it’s marvelous. Best I’ve seen yet.  I’m proud of you.  Bravo!!!

Gerry – Your Brother in Peace.

Dear Regis this is brilliant!

Helen Caldicott

Dear  Regis Tremblay, Just watched your documentation “Thirty Seconds To Midnight – The Final Wake Up Call”. Your film is great. You show the deeds and the victims of the hypocrites.

I wish, that many people will watch this film and that they will had enough empathy to understand and then to change and open their mind.
Thank you for your work.
Greetings from Germany

Dear Regis:  What a powerful film!  I’ve just watched it.

There was information that I’ve not known about – the referendum in Crimea – and some that I’ve known only a little about like the Marshall Islands.  I liked very, very much the piece towards the end (and I now cannot remember the name without looking at the film again!) of an attorney for some Native American tribes who spoke about her people’s predictions that we will overcome what is happening right now.  I hope that she is right.  And, of course, I hope your film will stir a lot of people to take action.

Angela, Fresno

Dear Regis,

This is Sunghwan Kim. Long time no see.

I got your new film from Sunghee today.

Thank you for sharing the film with us.

Thank you for all your efforts for this film.

Sunghwan Kim, Jesuit Father, Jeju Island, S. Korea

Excellent Documentary Regis–so important and so commendable–thank you!

Roland Jesperson

Great film. Thank you for making it and tx to Helen Caldicott for sharing it

Priscilla Judd

Brilliant documentary

Stone Terrence Moonseed

This is one of the most powerful and truthful documentaries I have seen in a long time. Thank you Mr. Tremblay and all who participated. PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS WIDELY, especially to those who are unaware. (I posted on my FB page.)

Donna Volatile

Hi Regis: Just viewed your latest documentary. I was mesmerized, especially by the comments of ordinary people and professionals! This film deserves wide circulation. I hope the focus of the new administration in Washington will not add another few seconds to your count–down clock. I wish you continued success.

Bill Dorgan, Florida

I am in the process of watching your latest film – The Final Wakeup Call – it is horrifying but so brilliantly made and it must be shown in every school, shown to every group in the world and just HOPE that people wake up and start taking non-violent actions.  Thank you so much for your vital work Regis.  It would be great if you could come to the UK sometime.  Will you be at the GN Conference?  I hope to go and it would be GREAT to greet each other with a big gentle hug! I do hope so – this comes with much love

Lindis (Percy)
Co-Founder of the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases – CAAB


Larry Kerschner

What an amazing and educational film. Thank you so much for all your efforts and thanks to all the brave people struggling to make this planet a better place in spite of severe odds.

Lorena Elletson

I call upon all who have the chance to spread Mr Regis Tremblay’s message to share the documentary with all those who are in contact with you. I also call upon all TV networks to broadcast Mr Tremblay’s documentary. I would also like to see that the documentary is translated into all languages. This is the greatest documentary the world has ever come across. I call upon all the peace loving people and the green world advocates to help spread the message.

Kelvin Tan

The film not only to be seen, it should be seen many times more and every sentence should be remembered and reproduced often in discussions and lectures. Your work is outstanding and unparalleled. Thank you for such a unique gift for the peace activists.

JNR, India

Regis, This film makes a compelling case against American interference in other countries and it also makes the point of how the US is leading the world closer to nuclear destruction. I guess that’s the point of your title. I think you know we both agree on this.

The interviews are quite good, but the runtime overall of nearly 1 hour 40 minutes feels, to me, too long. It occasionally loses focus, such as when you introduce the evilness of large corporations later in the film. And I find that many of your — truly earnest — points have been well established by the hour or so mark. The filmmaking, as you know, is basic (I presume the result of having little budget to work with), which didn’t help in keeping my attention span for the whole length.

The film has merit as political dialogue. I think the explanation of the annexation of Crimea and the US’s antagonism towards Russia efforts to aid the ethnic Russians in Ukraine, etc. is especially clear and strong. A savvier editor might have crafted a more biting and intense variation of what’s already here though.

I hope you understand this is all meant as constructive criticism.

My best,

Oliver Stone

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