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Jon Olsen Featured in Thirty Seconds to Midnight

Liberate Hawaii is a complete and concise work by Jon Olsen about the illegal occupation of Hawaii by the United States in 1898. Because the illegal occupation of Hawaii represents the U.S. initial efforts to establish a foothold in the Pacific in order to claim a share of the resources and riches of China, it plays a significant role in my new film, Thirty Seconds to Midnight – The Final Wake Up Call. From the strategic base in Pearl Harbor, America began its conquest of and colonization of the Pacific from Hawaii all the way down to the Marshall Islands.

Today, with the American “Pivot to Asia,” the entire Pacific is militarized from Japan, Okinawa, S. Korea, Jeju Island, the Philippines, Guam, and the Marshall Islands, effectively surrounding China with nuclear missiles, thousands of fighter planes and bombers, and hundreds of warships. This is the noose around China’s neck, or, as Bruce Gagnon says, “the gun pointed at China’s head” threatening China to fall on her knees to America’s demands or else….

The movement to liberate Hawaii and to return its sovereignty to the Hawaiian people is gaining attention and energy in Hawaii and the U.S. Hawaii’s “statehood” is another lie in the American narrative. I made this short clip for Jon Olsen to help promote his important book, and hope that you will watch it and share it with your networks. I would also recommend you read the book.

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