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Je Suis Russia #8 Anton Morozov

Thursday, October 20, 2016 – my last full day in Moscow.

This is an amazing interview I made with Anton Morozov. Please be patient and listen to the entire 18:55 interview. Anton’s English is quite good even if it is a bit halting. What he has to say should be of great interest to anyone who wants to understand more about Russia.

Anton is a member of the Communist party of Russia, but don’t let that scare you or put you off. Anton is highly educated, very cultured, and he speaks from the heart. I am honored to know him and to have him as a friend.

As you will learn, Anton was born during the Soviet Era when things were much different that they are today. Russian working class, as you will see, have all of the same problems of our working class people.

Anton will comment on President Putin, life in the Soviet Era and life as it is now in Russia. He will share his insights on the threat of war with America, the conflict in Syria, the American elections, and the situation of gays and lesbians in Russia.



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