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Je Suis Russia #5 Laying Flowers on the Tomb of Lenin

Every Saturday for 25 years, a group of Communist Party members gather in Karl Marx Square to vigil and remember the great leaders of the Soviet Era, Marx, Lenin, Stalin and to lay flowers at the tomb of Vladimir Lenin in Red Square.

These people are not evil. They actually are peace activists and they told me that Communism and Communists want peace in the world. In America and the West we have been propagandized to believe Communism is evil and President Putin is an Adolf Hitler. But, Communism is about people power and caring for each other. And this is why it is such a threat to the Capitalist model whose first law is to maximize profits over people.

These “Communists” told me that Russia is now a Capitalist country! Imagine that! There are only minor remnants of Socialism. They claim that many Russians long to return to the Soviet Era when the needs of all workers were taken care of.

But, walking around Moscow and visiting two HUGE shopping malls that rival anything in the US, including the Mall of the America’s in Minneapolis, it is obvious that Capitalism and consumerism are on parade.

Isn’t this ironic!

I am proud and honored to stand with these people who resemble all of my activist friends who understand that Capitalism is evil, the 1% control the governments of the West, and the US government surely does not represent the people. We too are crying out now, “Power to the People.”

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