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Je Suis Russia #4 – Debunking Russian Defense Preparation

Saturday, October 15  It was reported in the U.S. mainstream, hysterical media that President Putin had ordered defense preparation drills for 40 million Russians in the event of nuclear war with the U.S..

The very first question I asked of my Muscovite hosts was whether this was true. They laughed and told me it was a complete fabrication. In fact, they had never heard such a thing, I guess because they don’t read propaganda from the U.S. media.

In any case, I’ve been here for three days and out and about with no signs of anything except for 17 million Muscovites going about their daily affairs. There are no expressions of fear and anxiety. Just people rushing here and there, talking on their smart phones or playing games on them. Mothers and fathers out with their children showing outward signs of love and affection. One mom with her two pre-teen children, sitting across from me in the metro, was laughing and joking with them and kissing them as well.

I am waiting to go to a weekly vigil at Lenin’s mausoleum in Red Square held by members of the Communist Party. After the vigil, I will attend their weekly meeting. I will report on the days activities tonight with photos and maybe some video.

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