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Je Suis Crimea – Truth Be Told about Crimea

Friday, November 4, 2016 – Brunswick, Maine

Home now and cold is on the mend. Here is a wonderful conversation with Eugenia Konstantynova, a very bright and articulate resident of Yalta in Crimea. Eugenia is an English teacher. Here’s the first of a few conversations I have had with people in Crimea about what really happened there after the coup in Kiev. You will see that the US/NATO narrative about Crimea returning to Russia is a deliberate lie.

Eugenia explains how life is now since Crimea’s return to the Russian Federation, and how President Putin is loved and respected all over Crimea.

Eugenia was once an interpreter for Hillary Clinton in Yalta, before the coup, but says she would not vote for her.

She also shares her views on the situation in Syria.

Be sure to listen to her comments directed to Americans….at the very end.


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