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Imminent War in The Donbass

Massive buildup of Ukrainian troops along the border with The Donbass and Crimea: 100,000 troops, hundreds of tanks and heavy artillery, GRADS and killer drones. President Zelinsky of Ukraine announced on TV that Ukraine would attack and take back The Donbass AND Crimea.

As a response, Russia, taking this threat seriously, has also deployed thousands of troops, cruise missile batteries, tanks, and missile defense systems. President Putin has warned Ukraine in no uncertain terms that an attack would have serious consequences for the state of Ukraine.

Russell “Texas” Bentley went to Donetsk in 2014 to join the self-defense forces of the People’s Republic of Donetsk. He reports regularly on the situation at the front from his home just 2 kilometers from the front. He’s a blogger, writer, author and frequent guest on many platforms.

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