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Your Help Is Urgently Needed

Thirty Seconds to Midnight has been a very big, but limited success, and I need your help to share it widely. It has been viewed over 22,000 times on Youtube, but that does’t mean it has been watched all the way through. On my first cross-country tour in April over 200 people saw the film and most got a copy for a donation of $20. All of them intended to share it with friends and acquaintances in churches, libraries and in their living rooms.

As an independent filmmaker, producing films that are critical of U.S. foreign policy, my films are shunned by festivals, Hollywood, and the mainstream industry. This is why I need your help and need it urgently. My first feature documentary, The Ghosts of Jeju, has been translated into seven languages – all by volunteers, and is still going strong around the world. This was possible because of concerned people like you who shared it widely and repeatedly. Thirty Seconds to Midnight – The Final Wakeup Call is a film everyone must see because America’s endless wars and quest for world domination have humanity and all life on the planet close to extinction.

Everyone asks, “What can we do? We feel so helpless in the face of what is happening here at home and around the world.”  I always encourage people to continue doing what they are doing, but suggest that sharing this film is perhaps the most effective and powerful thing they can do. In just 92 minutes, the film traces the hidden history of America since the arrival of the white Europeans in the 15th century. It is a history of endless wars, genocide, the destruction of entire civilizations, the murder of innocent men, women and children, the plunder of resources, and the destruction of the planet. It is a history of political assassinations, the overthrow of democratically elected governments, violent and color revolutions on every continent. America’s “destiny” has made near-term extinction a very real possibility.

You can acquire a copy of the film for a modest donation here:  

Please help me distribute and circulate this important film through grassroots organizations and groups around the world.

Here are just a few of the typical comments people have made after watching the film:

  • “This is one of the most powerful and truthful documentaries I have seen in a long time. Thank you Mr. Tremblay and all who participated. PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS WIDELY, especially to those who are unaware. (I posted on my FB page)”
  • “Regis, This film makes a compelling case against American interference in other countries and it also makes the point of how the US is leading the world closer to nuclear destruction. I guess that’s the point of your title. I think you know we both agree on this.” Oliver Stone
  • “This film is so necessary right now. Thank you for creating this masterpiece, I hope it gets the widespread attention it deserves!”
  • “A new film by Regis Tremblay of Veterans For Peace has the courage to do this, and I was fortunate enough to meet him last night and watch his “Thirty Seconds To Midnight-The Final Countdown.” He does an amazing job of connecting dots that have been ignored for too long, and of sharing voices and perspectives that are never featured in the mainstream media.”
  • “The one documentary no soul who cares about our world and all others– should dare to miss! It left me deeply moved– how humans– so clever and enterprising, so innovative and endlessly capable of new ideas, of turning what initially were but the most farfetched concepts into realities– seem to lack the courage to unite as one and stand up against a global few, bent on destroying all the marvelous achievements so brilliantly conceived by the many. This film should be shown in every institution of learning throughout the world, so that globally all students– the future leaders of mankind– may drink it in and contemplate on it… for the young alone has the energy and the power to change hearts and minds to reflect our common shared human values– to set the world on a stable and equitable path– a path providing security and safety for all.”
  • “I gulped your documentary all at once as soon as I received it and was again deeply impressed. You concentrated the wisdom and passion and determination of many people all over the world and welded them into your eloquent masterpiece. Congratulations and appreciation!” Volodya , St. Petersburg, Russia
  • “Dear Regis, you have done a great important job. We all are happy and appreciate your efforts. Thank you very much.” Yuriy and Manita, Crimea
  • “The film not only to be seen, it should be seen many times more and every sentence should be remembered and reproduced often in discussions and lectures. Your work is outstanding and unparalleled. Thank you for such a unique gift for the peace activists.” JNR, India

Before things can change, before justice and peace can be achieved, Americans must accept the truth of their past, the reality of their present, and become the agents of change.

More in 11:57 - Three Minutes to Midnight

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