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From Capitalism and Fascism to Socialism

Will Griffin, US Army veteran of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, is a global activist and revolutionary. We discussed class struggle in America a fascist, imperial nation. How does society change? Will says we must take a scientific and historical view of class revolutions throughout the human experience. Standing on a corner with a sign or philosophical discussions with wine or weed do not change the world. Will believes it takes education, planning, organizing and doing. You can follow Will on his blog, The Peace Report and you can support his efforts financially at Peace Report.

Here are several links that will be helpful. Kwame Ture (Stokeley Carmichael): Mobilization & Organization:

The Marxist Project:…

ANTICONQUISTA (Particular video on “The Science of Marxism”)

Space Baby’s series on gentrification from a Marxist perspective called “Marx in the House”…

Kevin “Rashid” Johnson’s blog, from the New Afrikan Black Panther Party: Some of Rashid’s articles that

I particularly enjoy: Purpose and Practice of the United Panther Movement:

Historical and Dialectical Materialism: The Science of Revolution

Some thoughts on Amerikan Fascism:

Panther Dual Power Strategy by the United Panther Movement:…


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