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Former Russian Military Officer Answers My Questions

Igor Lyalyuk was born in Ukraine and as a young man entered the Soviet Military Academy in Ukraine. Later on, as an officer, he went to the Air Force Academy in Moscow to earn a PhD in Computer Science. He later served as the Chief of Computer Sciences.

He also served for five years in East Berlin during the Cold War. His views on the Soviet mission are interesting.

Igor spent one year in Montgomery, Alabama at the U.S. Air Command and Staff College.

Igor answered my questions on the conflict in Syria and the danger of nuclear war, which he says is madness and a politician’s game. He talked about the collapse of the Soviet Union and the downsizing of the military from 4 million to 1 million soldiers.

On President Putin hacking the US elections, he said it is complete madness and BS. His views on Putin are complicated, but he thinks Putin is doing a good job and is liked by most people. He hopes that the new president in America will have better relations with Russia.

His views on Ukraine, his motherland, and the Crimea contradict the American narrative.

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