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On That “Fighting Spirit” and American Paralysis

As someone who sees “the glass half empty AND half full” my optimism has been balanced by a huge doze of reality, the half full part.

There is no hope the death grip the deep state has on this country and the world can be released. Not enough of us have that “fighting spirit,” because the vast majority of Americans believe the lies.

The moral and spiritual decay of this country is obvious everywhere one turns. Where are the church groups? Where are the university kids? Where are the academics? Where are the young? Where are all these Americans? They are busy shopping, watching mind-numbing TV, watching every imaginable” hyped-up “sporting event, standing as sideline patriots when the anthem is played and the flag is waved.

Where are these “patriotic” Americans who have willingly given up their basic freedoms and watched the Constitution being dismantled? And where were they protesting the greatest transfer of wealth from the 99% to the .001%? Where were they when Obomba gave all those trillions to the bank robbers after the 2008 manufactured crash?

Where are all those Americans who did nothing when Clinton, Bush II, and Obomba bombed Serbia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia? Where are they now demanding that #45 be removed and their government reclaimed for the people?

Where are those millions of Americans who are beginning to feel their government has betrayed them. Where are they who feel the election of #45 was rigged and Sanders was screwed? Democracy? There never has been one in this country. It was not founded on freedom and Democracy for ALL.

Where are all these Americans who have lost their jobs and homes, living on something less than a living wage?

Where are they denouncing hatred and violence against the poor, people of color and each other?

They are nowhere to be seen fighting against any of it.

Those of us who are, are all septuagenarians, octogenarians and even nonagenarians. Were tired of fighting against the system our entire lives, but we haven’t given up.

And the really discouraging thing, as I see it, is humanity is well on its way to extinction. NOTHING, nothing at all can reverse the destruction of the habitat that supports all life on the planet. Extreme weather events are now common place all over the world.

It isn’t just Americans who are “paralyzed,” the people of the planet are paralyzed and incapable of reversing the effects of Capitalism. We are all incapable of reversing the destruction of our habitat. We are oblivious to the melting of the polar ice caps; the disappearance of the Greenland ice cover; sea level rise; ocean acidification; ocean warming and the warming of the planet; the death of the Great Barrier Reef; the daily extinction of 150-200 species; deforestation and massive forest fires; unprecedented fooding and draughts; Fukushima and the poisoning of the Pacific; 3/4 of the commercial nuclear power plants in the US are leaking deadly radioactive elements in to our waters and environment.

Dr. Guy McPherson, Professor Emeritus, the University of Arizona and an outspoken voice on the destruction of the planet’s life support systems, coined the term “near-term extinction.” He has exhausted his resources after years of traveling the world with his message and has returned to his off-the-grid home in Belize, discouraged and depressed. His website is filled with scientific facts, data, and peer-reviewed studies.  I’m going to interview him soon.

So, the bottom line is this: civilization has had humanity on an irreversible, suicidal spiral. Extinction is the logical and scientific outcome of homo sapiens’ activity on the planet. It’s closer than anyone thinks and I believe I just might experience it in my lifetime.

That said, I am not despondent, nor am I in despair. On the contrary, I will fight to the very end knowing I have – with millions of others throughout human history – taken the moral high road and worked for justice and peace for all people. I’m very pleased about the journey I have been on, the wonders I have experienced in my 72 years, especially my children and grandchildren. I am committed to doing no harm. Knowing that I have walked in the long line of good angels in this human experiment is satisfaction enough. I try, more than ever, to stop and smell the roses and to appreciate the beauty of nature and the marvels of human existence. I now am motivated to live the rest of my life with death in mind, for that has been the fate of every one of us since the moment of birth.

I wish all people peace and happiness and stand in solidarity with all who continue to resist and all those who suffer.

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