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Dr. Helen Caldicott’s Prognosis for Humanity – “Not Good”

“We are like lemmings walking toward the cliff of nuclear annihilation, worrying about things that don’t matter.”

On Wednesday, July 20, 2016, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing another person of great importance with an urgent message for humanity. Dr. Helen Caldicott is an internationally acclaimed Australian physician and antinuclear activist. She is a co-founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility, and founder of the Women’s Action for Nuclear Disarmament, and International Physicians to Save the Environment.

As a physician who has studied and researched the biological effects of radiation throughout her entire career, she warns the world that nuclear technology threatens life on our planet with extinction. This is a chilling message at a time when nuclear power, the threat of an imminent nuclear holocaust, and climate change have humanity on the brink of extinction. These three threats are the principle theme of my current film project which had been titled, 11:57 – Three Minutes to Midnight. When I told Helen that I had an alternative title 11:59:30 – Thirty Seconds to Midnight, she told me “that’s it.”

Helen’s message and the message of my new film are disturbing because they present the irrefutable facts screaming out for attention before it is too late. As a species, we are running out of time to save ourselves and all life on the planet. Dr. Caldicott’s prognosis: “not good.”

Pending my October trip to Russia to complete filming, I anticipate that 11:59:30 – Thirty Seconds to Midnight will be ready for release early in 2017.

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