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Dr. Alexander Redko – The Pandemic is a Scamdemic

The following comments were taken from the video and were translated by Inessa S. Follow her on Telegram.

This is not a pandemic—this is an infodemic. And everything that has been done is a political and socioeconomic experiment on our population.

If [COVID-19] is not isolated, what are you vaccinated against? Why are you lying to people? This is a commercial project. I’m telling you: We cannot do this because a) the virus has not been isolated, b) there is no vaccine, and c) the phase 3 trials will end on December 31, 2022. Today we are still in 2021.

I have a lot of acquaintances or friends of friends who got sick and are no longer on this earth. After they were vaccinated. Up to 62% of those who come to the hospital with COVID have been vaccinated.

If we want to test a drug, we always have to measure it against the Hayflick cycles. We have to test for six years to see how it affects spermatogenesis, oncogenesis, toxicology, et cetera. – we need to see what it does. If for some bureaucratic reason we shorten the cycle…. you can’t shorten the Hayflick cycle. Politicians can speed up social reactions – but not chemical and biological reactions.

There is no pandemic because for an epidemic, 5% of the population has to be sick at the same time. We had 7% over two years, 7 over 2! So there was no epidemic.

We have the Pasteur Institute, we have the Mechnikoff Vaccine Research Institute, the Smorodintsev Flu Research Institute—we have so many solid research institutions. Given this tremendous experience in vaccine development, why didn’t they win the government tender?

Why did the Gamaleya Institute win the bid, which has never developed a successful vaccine? Never been accredited by the WHO? They have a single specialist in parasites. So how could this happen? How is it that [blood-sucking oligarch] Anatoly Chubais seems to be losing money with his institute, 340 million rubles. His middleman is in prison, like NT-Pharma, but he remains the main investor of Sputnik 5?

It’s called Sputnik 5, not Sputnik V, because they’ve only produced five vaccines in the whole history. And not a single one was successful. That’s all.

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