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Corrections to Okinawa: They Came with Bayonets and Bulldozers

Because some folks in Okinawa pointed out inaccuracies in the film, I am listing them here:
6.80: “Kadena has B-52s loaded with nukes”. (Nukes possibly, though nobody knows, but no B-52s)
7:01: Futenma base photo from the air, called “Kadena”.
7:30: “Bombs and missiles used on live fire range”. (Not true for many years; only light artillery, small arms).
9:22: “Oura Bay, where construction has begun”. (This is important: construction has NOT begun on the Bay) I actually saw large construction rigs in the bay and saw photos of large concrete blocks that had been lowered into the bay.
13:59: I misspeak, saying “Hardly anyone was able to say, all bases out” when I meant the opposite. My mistake, but I do hope this will be edited out.
These were pointed out by Douglas Lummis who is interviewed in the film.
Minor stuff in my opinion that does not detract from the film or it’s message.

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