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Chris Hedges Interview

In June 2014, I interviewed Chris Hedges with the idea he would have something important and relevant to my current film project, 11:57 – Three Minutes to Midnight. This is an 11 minute segment from the longer interview. Some of it will be in the film. I am publishing this interview and several others as Special Features and stand-alone interviews because much shorter segments will be used in the film and what they have to say is very important.

As usual, Chris does not disappoint as he discusses the powerful forces that have taken over our government and most of the governments of the world. The solution, according to Chris, is massive, non-violent, civil disobedience but he admits that violence often plays a role in political revolutions. The Western capitalist system of purging the earth’s resources has humanity on the brink of extinction. His final comment about the psychopaths that control the system is right on…and somewhat hilarious if it were not so serious.


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