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Donbas Region
  • Runup to War in Ukraine – Who Is The Real Aggressor

    Vladimir Kozin is not wearing rose colored glasses in this remarkably candid interview. 129,000 Ukrainian troops along Russia’s borders joined by...

    Regis TremblayFebruary 16, 2022
  • Throwback 2017 – How I Met Russell “Texas” Bentley

    appliantologist made this video with Russell and me. As a result of this podcast, I went to The Donbass to meet...

    Regis TremblayDecember 11, 2021
  • Update From The Donbass – Beating The Drums of War

    Russell “Texas” Bentley, 2 kilometers from the front in Donetsk, the Donetsk People’s Republic, provides regular updates on the expected attack...

    Regis TremblayApril 2, 2021
  • Imminent War in The Donbass

    Massive buildup of Ukrainian troops along the border with The Donbass and Crimea: 100,000 troops, hundreds of tanks and heavy artillery,...

    Regis TremblayApril 2, 2021
  • My New Livestream Shows

    For the past several months, in addition to producing video content about Russia on Youtube, I also began a livestream podcast,...

    Regis TremblaySeptember 3, 2020
  • The Donbas Cowboy

    This is the incredible story of Russell Bonner Bentley, an American who went to help defend the city of Donetsk in...

    Regis TremblayDecember 7, 2019

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