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Calm Down and Chill Out – We All Lost….Again

“Everybody has got to just calm down and chill out because… we all lost….again. We’ve been losing for 70 years or more….some say a couple of hundred years or more.
So, who’s winning you might ask? The answer is “them,” the global elite who own most of the world banks, the Fed, the IMF, Wall St, the major corporations, the entire military industrial complex, and all of the media. They have also purchased the entire U.S. government, most of the governments in Europe, Japan, S. Korea, Australia, and Canada.
They have owned every president since Kennedy. He resisted and we all know what happened to him. The presidents are all “selected” and vetted by “them.” Presidents are the front men and puppets of these global elites, and that includes all of the leaders of the EU, Canada, Japan, S. Korea, Australia, and the aforementioned, US government.
Their goal is globalization, a world governed by them and enforced by the most lethal military the world has ever know. Their goal is universal serfdom…neo-slavery for humanity.
Their goal is to destroy the American Dream, and Democracy and Freedom everywhere. Isn’t this rather obvious? It is for those who can see.
You do not know their names, and that is how they want it. But this is who sits at the top of this Rothschild global crime family:
The Goldman Sachs
The Rockefellers
The Lehmans
The Kuhn Loebs
The Rothschilds of Paris and London
The Warburgs of Hamburg
The Lazards of Paris and
The Israel Moses Seifs of Rome
Beneath this ruling cabal are many mid-level oligarchs in every country including Russia and China.
The bottom layer of front men is where the governments of the world reside. They are compensated handsomely for their service to the ruling elite.
Donald Trump will also serve these masters. If he doesn’t, he knows what will befall him. Nothing will change.

And here is what is happening to us and our world as we continue to kick the shit out of each other:
Global warming is racing ahead and by 2050 it will be “hell on earth”
Every city on every coast and continent will be under water
Millions will continue to die because of more “perfect storms”
Millions and millions continue to be killed by endless wars
The threat of nuclear annihilation for humanity is clear
Nuclear power is contaminating the entire environment
Fracking and drilling for oil are contaminating our water
Electromagnetic waves are blasting us with lethal doses of radiation every minute
Our countries are being dusted with poisonous chemtrails
Monsanto is owning our food supply
Vaccinations are killing millions world-wide
They have divided humanity and turned us against each other
There’s more life-threatening shit happening, but enough for this piece. These are the issues threatening life on the planet.
They even have us fighting, protesting, burning flags, and hating each other over the results of the past election. But, take my word, wars will continue on every continent and here at home (Standing Rock, Occupy, Black Lives Matter, etc). They will continue to demonize Russia and President Putin and China because they are standing in their way and they make for good boogeymen.
The economy will soon collapse because the American Dream is not sustainable. Capitalism is not sustainable. The collapse of the American empire is upon us. America is morally, spiritually, and economically bankrupt. America is actually waging a second civil war.
So, everyone needs to chill out and calm down. Clear the cobwebs from our minds, take the logs out of our eyes and wake the fuck up to what is really happening.
Trump isn’t the anti-christ. He’s just their most recent puppet. He will do as they command.
The real enemy is “them.” That’s who we need to fear.



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