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Be Worried! Be Very Worried – U.S. Military Superiority Has Eroded To A “Dangerous Degree”

This was the headline in the Washington Post, November 14, 2018.

The National Defense Strategy Commission, made up of former top Republican and Democratic officials selected by Congress, evaluated the Trump administration’s 2018 National Defense Strategy, which ordered a vast reshaping of the U.S. military to compete with Beijing and Moscow in an era of renewed great-power competition. “The U.S. military could suffer unacceptably high casualties and loss of major capital assets in its next conflict. It might struggle to win, or perhaps lose, a war against China or Russia,” the report said. “The United States is particularly at risk of being overwhelmed should its military be forced to fight on two or more fronts simultaneously.”

The commission argued that despite a $716 billion American defense budget this year, which is four times the size of China’s and more than 10 times that of Russia, the effort to reshape the U.S. defense establishment to counter current threats is under-resourced.

How bad is it, you ask? Here are ten reasons that should keep you up at night:

  1. Get ready for another increase in war spending. The only pockets of money left are Social Security, Medicare and what is left of the social safety net.
  2. The U.S. cannot fight simultaneous wars against China and Russia (much less China and Russia combined as allies), wars in the Middle East, South America, and Africa…oh, and Korea!
  3. Top Pentagon officials acknowledge that technologically the U.S. trails Russia by 10 years. “In the race to develop hypersonic weapons, the Pentagon finds itself in an unfamiliar place: trailing its two main military rivals in a cutting-edge military technology and scrambling to catch up.”
  4. U.S. national debt tops $21 Trillion and rising sharply. In addition, there are 44 million borrowers who collectively owe $1.5 trillion in student loan debt in the U.S. alone. Plus, Americans are in debt up to their eyeballs.
  5. Russia, China and other holders of U.S. bonds/debt are unloading them and storing up their gold reserves.
  6. Russia, China and other countries are avoiding the U.S. Petrodollar and trading in their own currencies.
  7. Trump is alienating allies in Europe and Asia with insults and mockery further isolating the U.S. from the world community.
  8. Trump is initiating trade wars with China, Mexico and even Canada at the same time imposing sanctions on Russia, Iran, N. Korea and a half dozen other countries.
  9. Many economists predict that the U.S. economy will suffer a collapse worse than 2008, and even worse than the Great Depression….coming soon!
  10. And we are plagued by Trump, identity politics, a propagandized media, and a corrupt and dysfunctional federal government.

American foreign policy, commandeered at least since 2000 by the Neocons, has abandoned diplomacy, international law, and the sovereignty of other countries in favor of threats, sanctions, coups, color revolutions, and outright wars on anyone daring to challenge U.S. unconditional demands. These Neocons have names like Cheney, Bush, Rice, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Obama, Clinton, Nuland, Kagan, Bolton, Pompeo, Haspel, Powers, Haley, Mattis and the so-called “conservative” think thanks in Washington. The wars initiated by Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump have not only cost trillions of dollars, but have resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent civilians and thousands of American soldiers, and the displacement of millions of people fleeing from America unrestrained brutality and violence.

Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to provoke both Russia and China with massive military war games right on their immediate borders. Were it not for Chinese and Russian “patience,” WWIII would be raging and resulting in a nuclear Armageddon.

Contrary to U.S. foreign policy, it is clear that Russia and China are “waiting out” the collapse of the American empire as they avoid direct conflict and create their own economic, political, cultural and military alliances.

But, here’s the catch. Russia and China are racing ahead with economies that are based on  free market principles, (albeit controlled by the state) continuous growth, development and a dependency on fossil fuels. Capitalism, no matter how it is regulated is not sustainable, and has all life on this finite planet on the brink of extinction.

To make matters even worse and more ominous, NOTHING, absolutely nothing serious and fast enough is being done to mitigate the catastrophic effects of climate change. In fact, the leaders of the world know that nothing can be done because we have passed the point of no return and they avoid telling the truth to avoid chaos and world-wide civil unrest. Obama said as much on his only visit to the Arctic during the final year of his presidency. Watch the Rolling Stone video by Jeff Goodell and hear Obama say what he won’t say to the people of the world. See also The Water Will Come by Jeff Goodell.

Further, the Department of War has declared that climate change is the greatest threat to the military worldwide and America’s national security interests, all the while having the largest carbon footprint on the planet.

Let that sink in!


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