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America’s Noble History: Assassinations, Overthrow of Governments, War

I don’t know that Russia was behind the use of nerve gas on a former double agent in England, and I don’t know that Russia has been meddling in US elections, affairs, and vital infrastructure.
But I am sure about one thing. The United States of America has been meddling in the affairs of sovereign states more than 500 times since 1798, using every means available: political assassinations, the overthrow of elected governments, bribery, and when all else fails, Merica bombs them back to the Stone Age.
Gunboat Diplomacy has been the constant policy of the United States of America throughout most of its history.
The United States of America has lied the world into countless wars, creating evil enemies where there are none. America’s children have no idea of any of this, but we older folks remember Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, Chile, Argentina, Iran Contra, Haiti, Panama, Afghanistan, Iraq and those non-existent WMDs, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and a host of other small, defenseless “threats” to Merica’s interests (money and hegemony)….NOT OUR NATIONAL SECURITY INTERESTS.
9/11 is another enormous lie, perhaps the biggest lie ever, when those in control of this government brought down the Twin Towers and Building 7 that dragged the world into the never-ending war on terror.
And this very day, those same evil psychopaths that control everything in the U.S. have humanity on the very brink of extinction. I predicted and spelled this out in my 2017 film, Thirty Seconds to Midnight. I moved the hands of the Doomsday Clock to Thirty Seconds to Midnight, a moment in time the Bureau of Atomic Scientists dared not go.
Were I to release the film today I would have titled it: The Final Countdown – 10, 9, 8, …….
Dr. Helen Caldicott stressed in the film that nothing else matters except a nuclear Armageddon, nuclear power, and climate change. She said, “we are like lemmings, walking blindly towards the cliff of nuclear annihilation, worrying about things that don’t matter.”  Extinction of the human race might be avoided by destructive force of the “atom,” but there is no stopping Mother Nature who is expressing her displeasure in countless, catastrophic ways all over the globe.

If you have read this far, and still have not seen this film, perhaps you should.


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