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Americans Are Not Dumb – And I Will Tell You Why

The events of the past two weeks pertaining to the attempted coup in Venezuela, orchestrated brazenly, cynically, and openly by the United States should be a wake-up call for everyone in America…..but it isn’t. I will tell you why.

Americans are not dumb. They have been manipulated and controlled by the system enshrined in the U.S. Constitution which was written by slave owners, land owners, and wealthy businessmen. They never intended for slaves, Native Americans, women, or the working poor to be included in the Bill of Rights. So, from the very beginning the United States was a class society and a racist society.

Based on the protestant work ethic (myth), if you work hard, god will bless you with success and wealth, the peoples of America were conditioned to believe that wealth and success were the goals and purpose of life in America. Quality of life, sharing, caring for one another, giving back to society and community were not hallmarks of a life lived well. Today these characteristics are referred to as “socialism,” weakness of character. The poor, the needy, the sick are all considered drains on the economy, parasites, loafers, and deplorables.

Since the beginning, the first settlers were christian in name only. Blessed by the Catholic Church, and believing they were “exceptional,” they believed they were superior to those savages they encountered  and began the slaughter and rape of their land and resources. America’s history has been one of endless killing, violence and theft. America’s real history, not the one we were taught in school, begins with slavery, genocide and theft and continues to this day as is evidenced in Central and South America, the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

Racism is still poisoning the American soul today, as is the dog-eat-dog psyche, hard-wired in all of us by the capitalist system upon which this country was founded. This system is immoral, contrary to what humans really are, and the root cause for the enslavement of and unhappiness of Americans and people in other “first-world” capitalist countries. We are suffering from depression, very deep moral injury, and despair.

I’ve just finished watching two powerful films that document the brutality and violence of the white Europeans, and us as their descendents, on indigenous peoples and innocent people of color in resource-rich, sovereign nations: Dakota 38 and Death of a Nation.

Dakota 38 is a powerful, emotional and riveting film that exposes the truth about the largest mass-execution of people in America’s history. America’s great hero, Abraham Lincoln, ordered the mass hanging of 38 Dakota men on December 26, 1862 in Mankato, Minnesota, who were guilty of nothing more than defending themselves from starvation and death at the hands of the United States Army. Now, members of the Dakota people, make a 360 mile ride on horseback from their home in S. Dakota to Mankato, Minnesota. It is a healing ride and one of asking forgiveness for their role in the “Indian Wars.” It is a ride of reconciliation with white people along the ride and everywhere. They know that healing comes not from hate, but from reconciliation, forgiveness and love.

Death of a Nation is a 1994 documentary by John Pilger that exposes the complicity of Great Britain, America, Australia and the dictatorship regime of General Suharto of Indonesia in the massacre of an estimated 200,000 innocent and defenseless East Timorese for 18 years beginning in 1975. It was to carve out and divide the massive oil and gas reserves of East Timor.

If we are not moved to tears and feel no moral outrage at America’s real history and current state of affairs, then…we are not human. For if we can commit genocide and steal the resources of other nations and deny them human rights, we are lacking in moral integrity, cannot claim universal human rights for ourselves, and surely cannot call ourselves Christian.

We have allowed our governments to lie and commit these acts of genocide and theft in our name and can no longer consider ourselves to be exceptional, blessed by god, and the bearers of freedom and Democracy around the world. In fact, we are quite the opposite.

In three of my own historical documentaries I have traced the true, untold history of America as a country based on and founded on the genocide and theft of land and resources…and with the blessing of the Catholic Church. America’s “destiny” has humanity on the brink of extinction.

The Ghosts of Jeju (2013), my award-winning documentary, now translated into seven languages, began by exposing the massacre of as many as 60,000 peasants at the hands of the US Military Government of Korea on Jeju Island, S. Korea in 1946-47 BEFORE the Korean War.

I was shocked, angered and in tears to discover this atrocity when I visited Jeju Island in 2012. What happened on Jeju was a classic example of unrestrained violence inflicted on indigenous people fighting for freedom and self-determination.

Thirty Seconds to Midnight, traces the trajectory of America’s militarism and exceptionalism from the arrival of the first, white European explorers in the 15th Century to the present day. It points out the fact that America has been committing genocide, theft and been at war for her entire history, and now because of the attacks, threats, and provocations against Russia, we are closer to nuclear annihilation today than we were in October of 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Since my birth in 1945, America has been at war the entire time, killing more than 20 million people in Asia, Central and South America, the Far East, the Middle East and Africa in order to steal their resources, especially gas and oil. And, just since 9/11/2001, America has conducted illegal wars and destroyed ancient civilizations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan all in the pursuit of their resources.

Today, as I write this, China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, N. Korea, and a host of other nations are standing up to American imperialism. The attempted overthrow of President Assad in Syria, and the failed coup this week in Venezuela are the most recent examples of America’s history of violence against sovereign nations fighting for freedom, self-determination, and independence from American imperialism and theft.

My most recent film released this year, Who Are These Russians And Why Do We Hate Them makes it clear that America has been attempting regime change in Russia in order to complete the failed attempt to completely rape and privatize her resources in the 1990’s. The so-called neocons in Washington and their elite, global, financial masters have humanity, once again, on the cusp of war and nuclear annihilation.

It isn’t that the American people are dumb. They have been deliberately and methodically led to believe in a system which is based on power and greed. They have been conditioned since birth to believe in the “American Dream,” which as George Carlin so aptly put it, “you have to be asleep to believe it.”

As a result, Americans are depressed, unhappy, angry, morally bankrupt, and spiritually dead. I do not know if there is a solution, nor if this suicidal and ecocidal course can be reversed, and so, I say, “Not in my name,” and leave you with this quote from some time in the 1840’s by Henry David Thoreau: “How does it become a man to behave towards the American government today? I answer, that he cannot without disgrace be associated with it.”


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