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Veterans For Peace Say No To Islamophobia

Organized by Pat Scanlan and the Smedley D. Butler Brigade of Veterans for Peace, 200 plus people attended an event at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center on Saturday, February 27, 2016. Entitled, Calling All Veterans – Stand With Our Muslim Friends, a series of short presentations by veterans and community leaders made clear that hatred, bigotry and Islamophobia being directed towards the Muslim community is unacceptable. “As veterans who have served this country both in war and peace-time, we declare that this hatred, verbal abuse, and physical hostility being directed towards our Muslim friends,neighbors and co-workers is not in keeping with the American values of fostering brotherhood and sisterhood with our fellow Americans. This type of bigotry in 2016 is simply unacceptable, Un-American and we call for its immediate end.”

After the one hour event, lunch was served by members of the Islamic Cultural Center to all who attended.

It was not only an honor to document this event with photos and two videos, but a pleasure to take part in this historic event.

This is the entire event at 54 minutes and 23 seconds and is for all audiences. A shorter version is for VFP news and information purposes.


  • Kathleen Hernandez

    To Veterans For Peace everywhere: Thank you on behalf of my sister and her family for supporting Muslims. It is time to end all hate speech and stand together.

    Kathleen Hernandez

    • RegisTremblay

      Thank you Kathleen….

      Peace and Solidarity

  • petersirois

    Those people who complain that Muslims don’t do enough to promote peace among diverse religions should watch this video.

    • RegisTremblay

      You got it Pete!

  • Jon

    Thank you Regis for recording this significant event. Bob Funke made a very important point when talking about fear being the consequence of ignorance. It is this regard that I have a challenge for Veterans for Peace. Where does Islamophobia come from? Can anyone doubt that in the contemporary era it comes from 9/11?
    But those of us who have studied the events of that day in depth, KNOW that the government’s narrative is grossly false, and it is this false narrative that generates the hatred towards Muslims. It is long overdue for VFP to have the courage to engage this issue head on. I understand that there is fear of doing so, but that fear, as Mr. Funke said, is based in ignorance. STUDY the works of David Ray Griffin who is a theologian, but with a keen sense of science and logic, however. He has written some 10 books on the matter. View the important video “Experts Speak Out” by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth! These are men and women who truly ARE the experts on structures, many of whom have decades of professional experience in this field. Many years of research went into making this video. Will VFP have the courage to understand the science and then the political implications of this knowledge? Time will tell.

    • RegisTremblay

      Hello Jon,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I can assure you that members of VFP and certainly the folks in Boston who organized this event know and understand where and when Islamophobia comes from.

      • Jon

        But will they go to the root of the issue, not just 9/11 (as portrayed) but the scientific exposure of the lies? I’m not sure you got the central point.

  • rasputin1952

    Thank you Regis, excellent video, great points being made. In our small way, we are breaking down the walls of ignorance, you play a huge part in this effort.

    Bob Funke

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