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The Truth About Crimea Returning to Russia

One of the lies about Russian aggression is the annexation of Crimea by President Putin. I went to Crimea in October of 2016 to find out for myself what really happened. Yuri Mishin and his wife Manita Mishina live in Sevastopol, Crimea and participated in the events that led up to Crimea returning to Russia.

Their eyewitness testimony destroys the American lies and propaganda that Putin invaded and annexed Crimea, that, along with the lies about Russian aggression in Eastern Europe and influencing the American election, has the world on the brink of nuclear annihilation.

After viewing this short, 22 minute interview, who do you believe: Obama, the CIA, FBI, NSA, and the lapdogs in Europe or Yuri and Manita?

  • Jon

    Excellent! This needs to somehow get to mass media and to challenge the narrative of the Washington Regime. But it will take pressure to get media to use it at all.


    Regis: A most interesting film/video. Yuri and Manita are succinct presenters of their points of view. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jamesmace

    Polls prior to the invasion prove that Crimeans never wanted Rule by Russia. This is fake news

    • RegisTremblay

      I was there, interviewed many people in the major cities, including politicians, university professors and students, and the head of the Crimean Journalism Society… are in error. Even people in Moscow and St. Petersburg, whom I interviewed, ALL agree.

    • None

      It is fake news. I believe Regis himself is fake. He is probably paid by Kremlin.

    • Terry Ross

      Really? Please share your proof…

    • James Hunter

      You should change shampoo. It’s obviously too strong and washes that brain of yours totally. Next, start reading sources other than the US mainstream media, owned by warmonger$ and oligarch$ who have new chaos made fortune$ to add to their already 99% of the world’s wealth/fortunes’ possession?

      Who should you believe?

      The peaceful or the constant warmonger who always thinks of controlling oil-rich countries by political coups, geopolitical gimmicks/organized deaths, and ultimately if not firstly for more impact and avoiding time loosing discussion, by wars started all on fake reasons, news, with REAL brainwashing and real weapons, bringing into action, and danger, and even exposure to depleted uranium, US soldiers who have no choice in the matter of refusing to attack any country not at war against the USA, the Exceptional murdering country.

      Check your own US history to find out that you killed 5 million North Koreans, 4 million Vietnamese and counting (the worldwide totally illegal use of chemicals like Monsanto’s special Agent, named Orange, still deforming Vietnamese babies decades after the US fleeing Vietnam and making adults sick enough to die from chemical exposure . Add to that 1,000,000 Iraqis and counting thanks to Dick the Déchaîné or simply Dick Raging (Déchaîné in French, with a pronounciation close enough to Cheney, except for the Dé) instead of Cheney. Don’t forget to add the thousands of US soldiers whose health is seriously endangered from having been exposed to the Déchaîné’s depleted uranium as well. Now, of course, there have been thousands killed in Afghanistan so the little Afghan girls could go to school, but the Afghan victim count is forbidden by the US… Also forbidden is the spreading of the news about the double trans-Afghan pipeline building contract signed by three countries two years before Dubya Bush’s Entry to Afghanistan with bomb loaded B-52s, unloading over any areas where Osama bin Ladin was believed to be hiding in caves. Of course, the idea was to replace the then Afghan president with a US CHOSEN ONE, someone already with a management title in a Californian oil company, UNOCAL not to name it, and the manager’s name was Hamid Karzai.

      And add to that NOBEL PEACE PRIZED OBLAHBLAH and his drones wars just about in any country that doesn’t behave and lie on its back to let the US have its stealing of resources.

  • None

    How much is Kremlin paying you, “Regis”? Are you a troll from Olgino or just a random idiot?

    • RegisTremblay

      None…afraid to reveal who you are? Seems to me you couldn’t stomach the truth. Anyone who writes anonymously like you do are the trolls and or cowards. I hope your experience watching the film keeps you up at night. It should.

      • None

        Who are you kidding, Regis? You are NOT an independent filmmaker. You are a Kremlin paid propaganda troll. You are Putin’s toilet paper who is paid to spread the lies.
        I am Russian living in Russia and I know more about Russia than you ever will. I also love my country and only wish the best for my people. That’s why I know that you are either an idiot in denial or a paid troll. Possibly both.

        • RegisTremblay

          My last reply to you…everyone in the film, and many others I met and spoke with are Russian, your countrymen and women. And, I’m sharing your inane comments far and wide on social media, including all my friends in Russia!

          • None

            As I said, you are both an idiot in denial and a paid troll.
            I have no idea what meds you are on, but I bet it’s something heavy.

  • Terry Ross

    Good to hear this video. I too researched it when all the propaganda hit the news channels. I too found a totally different side to it.

    • RegisTremblay

      Thanks for stopping by, Terry.


  • Gea

    There are many Russians living in Ukraine who were not happy with the increasing Ukrainian nationalism…the history of Ukraine nationalism and fascism in WWII, when Jews were exterminated by the UKRAINIAN fascists or history of Ukraine hero, who slaughtered some 100,000 peacefully living Jews, is not told. Baby Jar where some 60,000 Ukrainian Jews were murdered does not even have a memorial…telling that the victims were JEWS. I was there in 1991 just before Soviet Union fell apart.

    Vladimir Putin is an EX-KGB guy who spent lots of time in Dresden East Germany. He had turned from a Communist to a Russian Nationalist, but he is intelligent (PhD in economics) and does not want wars…I do not trust such a man, but I trusted even less US traitor, B. Hussein Obama or Hilary Clinton.

    • RegisTremblay

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing this. Not sure who to trust, but at least Putin isn’t invading and destroying people and civilizations around the globe and isn’t beating the drums of war like the neocons here in America. We can only hope Putin continues to exercise restraint in the face of egregious American provocations.

    • Andy Dion

      Sounds like you’re a ZIONIST GEA…..

  • James Hunter

    Who do I and who should we all believe, none of the above in the last question sentence, right until the «or», Monsieur Tremblay?

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