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Thirty Seconds to Midnight DVD Available Now

DVDs and Blu-ray copies of Thirty Seconds to Midnight are now available for purchase on my website. Copies are available in these formats: NTSC (US and territories, Japan, S. Korea) and PAL (most of the rest of the world). One price includes shipping and handling.

Purchasing a copy of the film does two important things: 1) it supports my work and enables me to be my own distribution network, and 2) gives you the opportunity to share this important film in your own communities without royalties or fees.

The job isn’t done with the publication of the film. Without industry backing and distribution channels, it is imperative that I personally screen the film wherever groups or individuals will organize screenings. Since there are no charges or fees, selling the film is the only way I can get it out there and to create community learning and dialogue about important issues. I welcome invitations to screen the film anywhere groups or individuals are willing to promote and organize events.

Here’s what the screening tour is looking like at the moment. March 20, Boston. April 6 in Nashville, April 7 at the Global Network 25th anniversary, annual meeting in Huntsville, Alabama. April 10-11 three screenings in San Francisco and Berkeley. April 13-14 two screenings in Fresno. April 18 in Olympia, and TBD Seattle the week of the 16-21. April 22 or 23 TBD in Portland, and April 24-26 Ashland, OR.

In May, TBD Dallas, Houston, Austin, and El Paso, and perhaps Tucson and Phoenix.

TBD in June, Chicago, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minneapolis-St. Paul.

August will see a European tour beginning in Dublin. Hopefully several screenings in the UK, then Sweden, Finland, Norway and back to Russia.

September will be to Florida and other cities along the Eastern Seaboard.

Already, there have been 19,878 views on Youtube, but the best way to view the film is with an audience so that community dialogue and learning can take place. People realize they are not alone, find hope and encouragement in like-minded people, and they find new friends and groups to align with. These screenings are powerful experiences and almost always result in people asking, “what can we do?” When this happens, my filmmaking goal is accomplished: people are mobilized to take action.

Thirty Seconds to Midnight

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