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The Scene of the Crime: Bruce Gagnon at Odessa Trades Hall

I filmed this today at the Odessa Trades Hall where the May 2nd, 2014 massacred occurred. This is Bruce Gagnon in a brilliant commentary and analysis. We were present for the May 2, second anniversary, a very overwhelming experience for both of us.


  • Zinn12

    Thank you both for this important/informative and powerful presentation. One would hope this is shared widely to counter the prevailing narrative vis a vis Russian aggression.

  • Lesa Lal

    Thank you both for this very important information that must be shared.

  • Herbert J. Hoffman

    Bruce and Regis,

    Superb film and presentation. I hope that you are sending this film to all members of Congress. Perhaps a few — or many — will take the 10 minutes and educate themselves. What happened in Ukraine — and is still happening — is tragic, unforgivable! That Bernie is not using this information, along with Iraq, Libya, Syria, Honduras … is also tragic.



    • RegisTremblay

      Thanks for your comments Herb….doubt anyone in Congress would watch it…they know what is going on.

      Bernie is not who he says he is…..he’s a war monger like all the rest, except for Jill Stein and nobody knows who she is.



      • Herbert J. Hoffman

        Regis, I appreciate your response. I am not as convinced that members of Congress know what is going on — too busy raising money. Still think it is worth sending, if you have not already done so.

        I do wish that Bernie would speak out more forcefully on foreign policy issues. This is where HRC is very vulnerable. I truly believe that among the major candidates Bernie would move to aggression reluctantly and as a last resort.

        I agree with you about Jill Stein — I voted for her in 2012 because of her Peace platform. This year the stakes are even higher and I feel Bernie is our best hope.



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