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Ray McGovern: The Rest of the Story behind U.S., Israel, and Syria

Ray explains you cannot understand the situation in the Middle East without understanding the relationship between the US and Israel.

Once again, background information the public isn’t aware of. The Neocons didn’t get their war with Iran and they’re mad.

The truth and facts behind the lies about Syrian chemical weapons. Fascinating account of the behind the scenes struggle in the White House…Clapper, Dempsey, Clinton.

Putin-Obama meeting in St. Petersburg…Putin to Obama, “Kerry is lying and he knows he’s lying.”

Ray relates the hilarious encounter between Ray, Paul Wolfowitz and Joe Lieberman, two arch conservatives in the CNN studios.

  • HenryCt

    Thank you, Ray. Of course, US actions against Syria are consistent with Israel’s interests but have their own logic, respond to US imperial interests. When US goals are not consistent with Israel’s, as in the peace agreement with Iran, US goals take precedent and Israel is left standing in the dust. However, in order to keep the Zionist forces in line, having done the deal with Iran the Obama administration is consoling Israel with more weapons and more of our tax money.

  • Ren

    One of the best documentaries on Israel’s long history and their overcoming of centuries of persecution ever made.

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