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Homeward Bound – After Three Incredible Weeks in Russia

Tuesday, November 1, 2016…waiting to leave Russia after three incredible weeks. Flight to Paris from Moscow leaves in two hours. Short layover in Paris, then home to JFK. This evening, I’ll attend a screening of my short film on Okinawa: They Came With Bayonets and Bulldozers at a UU Church in NYC.

Return to Portland, Maine on November 2nd with a very bad cold.

My hosts have had me on the go constantly and there has been no time to blog or edit interviews for uploading. They have literally worn me out. Probably why I caught cold.

With all the hysteria in the US and EU about President Putin and the Russians, DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD OF IT! Russians only scoff at such outrageous accusations.

Last night I interviewed a retired Colonel in the Russian Air Force. He spent 37 years as an engineer, has a PhD in computer technology. A very bright individual. I asked if he had hacked Hillary’s emails and he just laughed, but said it was possible that some Russian hackers may have done it. But, more than likely the US NSA collect everything on everyone world-wide and if not them, then maybe the Chinese. Then he said, “what does it matter who hacked Hillary’s emails? The emails are concrete evidence of her wrong doings.”

When I asked him if he thought there is a possibility of war, even nuclear war with the US, he paused and then said, “all military men are professionals and they will find a way to work together. The problem is not the military, but the politicians.” When I persisted he answer the question about the possibility of nuclear war, he said, “there’s a possibility, but why would anyone want to end all life on the planet? No one survives.”

My final thought for today: Russians are not hysterical about US aggression but ask why is the US and NATO on Russia’s borders? They all say they don’t much care about the US elections and don’t pay much attention, but when asked who they want to win, they say, Trump because he seems to be sincere about restoring relations with Russia. Almost everyone I spoke with thought Hillary was evil….yes, evil.

I will get back on track and start publishing many interviews and complete my short film, Je Suis Russia with all due haste. I think I’ll need a couple of days of rest to get over the cold and adjust to the jet lag.

Thanks to all for supporting my efforts and for commenting on the blogs and photos.

  • Мирьяна Михайловна

    Thanks very much for all the lovely reports, Regis! Looking forward to the film! Get well soon!

  • Zinn12

    Terrific journey, tremendous interviews, and looking forward to the completion and creation of your film. Great work!

  • Yosi

    Welcome home! Looking forward to the final product.

  • Nancy Oden

    Regis – Have very much enjoyed each and every one of your blogs on your Russian trip …..looking forward to more! Thanks

  • Leonard Eiger

    Thank you, Regis, for your valuable citizen diplomacy. You seek out the truth, you find it, and communicate it well. As for the US and Russia, cool heads must prevail. We mustn’t listen to the propaganda or drink the Kool Aid. Dasvidaniya Comrade!

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